Training never stops due to continuous turnover

Environment attracts high turnover and results with continuous training

Large number new staff and part time employees

Scheduling shifts at different times increase onboard training time


Remaining consistent across all locations

Training material is outdated in hard copy workbooks

Could not search quickly through piles of documents


Our Answer

Cloud storage allowing all locations to receive the same content from the head corporation

Tablets allowing trainers and trainees to onboard efficiently

Easy search bar allowing quick access to the desired material

Benefits of Using GoPack


Strong Product Launch

Equip your team with the right training videos, PDFs and images to ensure all new product launches are successful.


Swift Onboard Training

Decrease orientation training and have your new employees working with the right resources readily available daily.


Corporate Consistency

Reduce operational errors by mobilizing all training and SOPs. Deliver the same message to all locations instantaneously.


Happy Customers

Every customer deserves the same experience at all your locations. Standardize all locations and be uniform.


Business Scalability

Begin tracking your operations and increase duplication rate. Focus your company's energy on growth and scale.


Modern & Analytical

Replace all documents and filing cabinets with one single tablet for training accessibility, data collection and tracking.

How it works

1) 14 day free trial
2) No contracts, no commitments
3) No cancellation fees

GoPack starts you with a minimum of the following;

Starting monthly at



GoPack starts you with a minimum of the following;

  • 2 Admins

    Controls for supervisors, managers and executives.

  • 10 Users

    Your staff, members and content viewers.

  • 2 Kiosk Mode

    Kiosk mode for devices used by multiple people.

  • 2GB of Storage

    Data stored in your cloud space.