Health & Safety has never been more prevalent

Industries are growing daily and with growth comes new people in the workforce

Business health and safety compliance is continuously being monitored and audited

Employees and managers only receive orientation and lack continuous training


Tracking training records is labour intensive and difficult

Deliver training consistently to all companies and industries

Files and documents are not used as a daily referral or resource


Our Answer

Cross-functional mobile approach to track digital e-signatures

Digital training delivers the same consistent message every time

Tablets and phones offer direct access through our application

Benefits of Using GoPack


Strengthen Industries

Using the power of video and e-docs to enhance your training on all important health and safety categories.


Continuous Training

Provide all businesses across all industries with a mobile resource that can be used regularly on the job.


Standardized Tracking

Track all employees within your business. Easily monitor all health and safety training they have completed.



By using video training, we ensure that training between departments, locations and businesses are the same.


Instantaneous Updates

Our online platform allows for updates to be published immediately to all necessary parties and organizations.


Safer Tomorrow

Adapt to the way the world is changing into and becoming. People are learning in new ways through easy access video.

How it works

1) 14 day free trial
2) No contracts, no commitments
3) No cancellation fees

GoPack starts you with a minimum of the following;

Starting monthly at



GoPack starts you with a minimum of the following;

  • 2 Admins

    Controls for supervisors, managers and executives.

  • 10 Users

    Your staff, members and content viewers.

  • 2 Kiosk Mode

    Kiosk mode for devices used by multiple people.

  • 2GB of Storage

    Data stored in your cloud space.