Human Error is the #1 cause of quality defects

Fast environment demanding large production rates and are reactive not proactive

Large number of floating support staff, students and absentees

Lack of knowledge prior to starting the job


SOP and training documents are not in use

Employees cannot self educate and depend on a team leader

No live data on all training material usage and effectiveness


Our Answer

Updates are published instantaneously from admin to user

Mobile digital material with easy accessibility for self education

Software tracks live data on your content and employees

Benefits of Using GoPack


Mobile Accessibility

Digital material that is always available to your employees to access themselves for answers they need to do their job.


Live Updates

Standard Operating Procedures should not be outdated and hard to find. Update and publish all you new material easily.


Increase Engagement

Create effective and HD videos of your SOPs to capture the attention and interest of all your employees.


Real-Time Analytics

Use the power of data to drive your business and learning experience by capturing employee learning activities.



Save the paper trail and filing costs by having all videos, PDFs and Images stored and tracked in your cloud.



Allow your team leaders and supervisors to focus on delivering quality and running their organization.

How it works

1) 14 day free trial
2) No contracts, no commitments
3) No cancellation fees

GoPack starts you with a minimum of the following;

Starting monthly at



GoPack starts you with a minimum of the following;

  • 2 Admins

    Controls for supervisors, managers and executives.

  • 10 Users

    Your staff, members and content viewers.

  • 2 Kiosk Mode

    Kiosk mode for devices used by multiple people.

  • 2GB of Storage

    Data stored in your cloud space.