Only Pay For What You Use!

Every subscriber starts with a 14 day free trial. 

$24.97 will be your first monthly bill if you remain within the parameters highlighted bellow.

If you select our premium support, you will be charged upon sign up. 

Simply pay for what you use on a monthly cycle, as you grow your team and content, GoPack grows with you. As you contract, your GoPack billing will adjust. 

GoPack independently charges on the following item count; Admin, Users, Kiosk Mode, Data Storage.

NO contracts and NO commitments. Cancel at any time with NO service fees or charges. 


On-boarding Options

Pay for what you use

  • Admins

    $3/month/additional admin

  • Users

    $1/month/additional user

  • Kiosk Mode

    $5/month/additional kiosk mode

  • Storage

    $1/month/additional 100MB

How it works

1) 14 day free trial
2) No contracts, no commitments
3) No cancellation fees

GoPack starts you with a minimum of the following;

Starting monthly at



GoPack starts you with a minimum of the following;

  • 2 Admins

    Controls for supervisors, managers and executives.

  • 10 Users

    Your staff, members and content viewers.

  • 2 Kiosk Mode

    Kiosk mode for devices used by multiple people.

  • 2GB of Storage

    Data stored in your cloud space.